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I have been involved in the hotel and tourism industry since 1993 and with Pembury since 2001... ~ Kerry Ririe ,Tour Consultant

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"The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa.........for he has so much to look forward to"  
Richard Mullin

August 2016 - An amazing African holiday thanks to Heidi and Pembury tours  -  My girlfriend and I returned from our 16 day African "holiday" nine days ago. Needless to say, we wish we were still there! I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful vacation. We spent time in 4 countries, slept in 7 locations, took 7 flights and had numerous transfers. All went seamlessly. We were consistently amazed by the beauty of Africa, its mountains and rivers, and certainly the animals. Our only regret is not having more time!  In addition, I'd like to recognize Heidi Bedford for all of her efforts. We started this process very late and had significant schedule restraints. Of course, we had lots of requests and were attempting to work on a budget. Heidi worked tirelessly to find the right accommodations and was always able to offer suggestions and alternatives. We were thrilled with the quality of the itinerary she put together. Heidi may be new to Pembury, but she's got a wealth of knowledge and is a tremendous asset to your company. Heidi was also instrumental in planning a special day for my girlfriend's birthday. I can't say enough kind words about our dealings with Heidi.  We truly felt that Pembury had our best interests and cared about our experience. Bottom line, if anyone asks about going to Africa, we'll be certain to recommend Pembury Tours. Mike H (USA)

So you are thinking of coming to Africa or South Africa on safari. First time? Been before? Either way, we think it is a smart move on your part to visit Africa. Southern Africa is the cradle of humankind - so every single person living in the world today originates from Southern Africa. You will be coming "home"!

Africa is many things - it is exotic, exciting, wild, it offers a sense of the unknown, it never ceases to surprise, it is beautiful, the people are beautiful - on the outside but especially on the inside.  When the "Africa bug" bites, it is a permanent thing - one has it for life and it is not uncommon for visitors to do many dozens of visits to Africa and not only for a safari.

But Africa is also complicated - things don't always work to schedule. Sometimes things don't work at all! A ferry might have a broken engine, a bridge might have collapsed or, horror of horrors, the internet connection might be down!  Those who have been to Africa before will know this. But it is times like these when one experiences the real Africa - the humour & laughter at a broken down ferry, the ingenuity and "plans" that get made at a collapsed bridge, philosophical words uttered when phonelines or internet connections fail - words like "don't worry - tomorrow the sun will still rise".

Yes, you want to come to Africa - to tour, to see South Africa, Southern or East Africa, to go on safari, to experience Cape Town, to see the sights that this magical continent has to offer. And you will see them, spectacular as they are.  But you will leave Africa with a heavy heart and a lump in your throat.  Mere spectacular sights don't cause that - spectacular people do! It is the people of Africa, combined with the sights and the animals on safari, who make Africa the place it is. 

Take time to go through our website, to learn about Pembury Tours......and hopefully allow us to share this continent of Africa with with you - this special place that we call home!

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