Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions

Obviously Pembury Tours and you, the client, will act in good faith regarding your holiday arrangements. But sometimes things might happen that are entirely outside of either of our control. It is important that our clients understand the conditions associated with making a booking with Pembury.  

This page summarises, in plain English, the most important aspects of the booking process and our booking conditions (at the bottom of this page, you can view our full Terms and Conditions as drawn up by the lawyers).

The booking process

  • Once you contact us, and we know what you want, we will tailor-make an itinerary for you and will send you a quote, which includes a full description of your proposed trip. You can expect a few exchanges of correspondence (e-mails & phone calls) with your tour consultant whilst she is busy preparing your quotation. We encourage our clients to work with our consultants during this process so that we can be sure that our quote will be pretty spot on in terms of what you are looking for.
  • Once you indicate that you are happy with our proposal, we book and confirm all the accommodation and service providers in your proposed itinerary.  You have 7 days in which to pay a 20% deposit (if we are also booking air travel for you, we will require 100% of the air portion).
  • The balance of your tour price is due 60 days before your arrival in Africa.
  • Once we have received full payment from you, we pre-pay all the accommodation and service providers and prepare your travel documents for you. Your confirmation vouchers will be sent to you electronically and a welcome pack of printed travel information, maps & directions will be handed to you upon your arrival in Africa. Prior to your departure to Africa, your tour consultant will continue to liaise with you and will be available to answer any questions you might have.
  • During your time in Africa, we are available 24 hours a day to assist you should any unforseen issues or complications arise. Our 24-hour number will be given to you when we send you your confirmation vouchers.

Pembury is fully bonded through SATSA. What does this mean in practice?

Pembury Tours is a member of The Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA).  Membership of SATSA is subject to compliance to a strict set of conditions based on credibility, integrity and financial stability. One of the important aspects of Pembury's SATSA membership is the fact that SATSA members are bonded, providing a financial guarantee of deposits held and ensuring that your holiday and investment are protected. In practice, this means that should Pembury go out of business after you have paid us, you will be refunded in full via SATSA.

Pembury Tours has been a member of SATSA since 1997 and our membership number is 868. Please feel free to verify our standing with SATSA by contacting them directly.

Tel: +27-11-886 9996

Additional financial security to your booking

There is a risk, small as it is, that a property that is part of your itinerary suffers a disaster (insolvency, being destroyed by fire etc) prior to your arrival in Africa but after you have paid us.  This could happen in one of two ways:

  • After you have paid us but before we have pre-paid the property  - in this case, we will accommodate you in a property of a similar or better standard. If there are no such properties available, or you are unhappy with the alternative property, we will refund you the portion of your itinerary that relates to the property in question.
  • After you have paid us and after we have pre-paid the property - since opening in 1996, this scenario has never occured so we are dealing with a very small likelihood scenario here.  If, however, we find ourselves in this situation, then out of our own funds/reserves, Pembury will accommodate you in a property of a similar or better standard. If there are no such properties available, then from our own funds/reserves, we will refund the portion of your itinerary that relates to the property in question. Pembury is a well capitalised business and is in a position to give this undertaking - to our knowledge, we are the only specialist Africa tour operator giving this undertaking.

What cancellation charges apply?

Should you not travel, or have to cut short your trip, for any reason then the following cancellation charges apply:

  • Your 20% deposit - 100% cancellation charges apply (see 'Travel Insurance' below)
  • The 80% balance - cancellation charges on this portion could vary from between 0% and 100%.  We will make every effort to refund this portion to you but this will be dependent on terms and conditions that we have with the properties and service providers in question.  As a general rule, the more time between the cancellation and the intended arrival date, the more likely we will be able to secure a refund for you. Our undertaking is that we will refund you with whatever refunds we secure from properties and service providers.

What about travel insurance? 

The financial cover that you get by booking with Pembury does not extend to cancellation fees charged in the event of you not traveling or having to cut short your trip.  We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover yourself against cancellation fees. No-one books a dream holiday intending to have to cancel, but "stuff happens".......!  People have to cancel their holiday plans for various, unforeseen reasons - there might be volcanic ash in the skies that prevent air travel, sudden illness in the family etc.  We suggest you take out travel insurance with a reputable company in your country of residence.

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