There is nothing more relaxing than spending lazy days on the beach, feeling the sun gently warm your skin and listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves. A beach holiday soothes the body and mind like no other and it is no wonder that most people see a beach holiday was their most desired type of holiday. Africa is the ideal beach holiday destination. The warm Indian Ocean embraces the eatern shores of Africa and there are endless beautiful beaches from Cape Town all the way up the south east coast of South Africa and northwards along the coasts of Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. Then there are the Indian Ocean Islands of Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles, with their palm-fringed white sandy beaches.

Beach holidays in Africa have the added attraction of being close to wildlife, so it is possible to combine a beach holiday with an exciting safari. It is also possible to combine beach and adventure as many beach resorts offer a wide range of water sports and adventure activities.

Whichever beach experience you are looking for, be it trendy beaches full of bikini-clad girls and bronzed surfers, family-friendly beaches with paddling pools and restaurants or remote untouched “desert island” beaches with no one else around, there is a sun-drenched African beach to suit you.

There is a wide range of beach accommodation: luxury beach resorts, rustic beach chalets, relaxed seaside family villas and hospitable beachfront guesthouses

Beach holidays are obviously perfect family holidays and honeymoons.

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